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Don’t Think / Some Days  was produced during the summer of 1969 in the Republic of Honduras, Central America. It presents the thoughts, attitudes and a glimpse into the daily lives of five Peace Corps Volunteers. Developed as a training film to stimulate thought and discussion of the cross-cultural life experiences awaiting future volunteers, it was used both in-country and at the Camp Crozier Peace Corps training center near Bosque Rio Abajo, Puerto Rico in the early 1970’s. Much of the film’s contemporary value lies in its historical retrospective on the sights and sounds that comprised daily life in those early Peace Corps years coupled with the somewhat more timeless observations of five volunteers whose lives helped mold what, today, is a slice of history. Don’t Think / Some Days was photographed and edited by Ron Anderson, himself a Peace Corps Volunteer in Honduras and an experienced documentary filmmaker. The film runs 27:52.
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