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Timecode Log & Calculator is a manual-entry logging and calculation tool designed for use in video production environments. It contains time saving features such as automatic time-colon entry, calculated Scene/TRT durations in both hh:mm:ss:ff and frames as well as error detection routines that flag negative durations, invalid frames and missing data. The tool exports data to printers and/or an XML file and is delivered with sample data to illustrate typical data entry conventions.

Timecode Log runs on the widely available Microsoft Excel platform, making it a highly cost effective utility. It can operate virtually anywhere the user has computer access: Home, office, on the road.

Timecode Log is a compact, versatile and convenient tool for manual timecode entry. 

Timecode Log’s product description, operational features, etc are included in our User Guide PDF. A free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files can be downloaded here.
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