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Feed Scheme is an off-line feed scheduling database utility designed for use in the broadcast and cable television industry. It tracks virtually all syndicated program and network feeds incoming to a facility from a variety of distributors using numerous delivery systems. Feed Scheme offers data import / export functionality and, as a planning tool, is an adjunct to on-line feed scheduling and control systems. Routinely handling 300+ weekly feeds (and the frantic game of musical chairs that often accompanies their new season rollouts and eleventh hour refeeds), Feed Scheme allows the user to allocate and rearrange often limited dish / receiver / record device resources into an efficient feed event acquisition scheme. In addition to conventional satellite feeds, Feed Scheme allows for scheduling of events from sources such as Pathfire and other catch servers, fixed resource network feeds, production control room feeds – in fact any feed that can be found on any routing switcher crosspoint.

Feed Scheme runs on the widely available Microsoft Excel platform, making it a highly cost effective tool when compared to Enterprise Class scheduling software such as ScheduALL. Feed Scheme can operate virtually anywhere the user has computer access: Home, office, on the road. And because Feed Scheme does not tie up on-line scheduler resources, users may run endless what-if scenarios to spot resource conflicts hours, days, weeks, months or years into the future.

Feed Scheme is an indispensible scheduling tool for feed coordinators.

Feed Scheme’s product description Overview, System Requirements, Case Study, etc are included in our indexed Users Manual PDF here. A free Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files can be downloaded here.

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