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Our Software efforts come in two forms. One (discussed here) involves purpose built software that is distribution-ready and pre-packaged in its own installer. The other, discussed on the Software Solutions page, involves custom remedies to individual requests for software assistance.

Whatever the software service rendered, our labors rest on three principals: (1) That the service targets efficiency in—and accuracy of—data handling in the operational environment, (2) That it is made available for use on widely accessible application platforms and (3) That it be fairly and competitively priced.

We engage in an on going evaluation process to determine which of our custom built software solutions exhibits the potential to become one of our pre-packaged offerings. We then carry out the additional development necessary for the conversion and post each new product here.

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Feed Scheme

An indispensible scheduling tool for feed coordinators that operates virtually anywhere the user has computer access: Home, office, on the road.   More details…
Timecode Log

A logging and calculation tool designed for use in video production environments with time saving features, error detection, XML output and more.   More details…