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Our Software efforts come in two forms. One (discussed here) involves custom remedies to individual requests for software assistance. The other, discussed on the Software page, involves purpose built software that is distribution-ready and pre-packaged in its own installer.
Whatever the software service rendered, our efforts rest on three principals: (1) That the service targets efficiency in—and accuracy of—data handling in the operational environment, (2) That it is made available for use on widely accessible application platforms and (3) That it be fairly and competitively priced.

We write much of our software for use in off the shelf, widely distributed products such as those from Microsoft. Access, Excel, Expression Web and Word are our most commonly requested target applications. We also write MS-DOS command processor batch file solutions. Our coding is primarily in Visual Basic, HTML, Command-Line and Excel functions/formulas.

The breadth of custom, one off software solutions we have created is considerable and includes (target application in parenthesis):
  • Broadcast style Discrepancy Report for multi-user, network deployment (Access)
  • Feed Acquisition database and scheduler for daily distribution, what-if optimization and conflict detection in program content feed resources (Excel—see Feed Scheme under Software)
  • Out-of-Pattern Media ID Calculator that predicts weekly Media IDs/House Numbers for catch server supplied programming containing embedded pre-defined air dates that are different than a local station’s air date schedules (Excel)
  • Media ID/House Number inventory databases with duplicate number detection, total of durations, reconciliation against external data, etc (Excel)
  • Errors and Omissions evaluator to detect hidden string errors in Traffic output files that otherwise cause fatal errors during playlist conversion/translation/mapping by Broadcast Automation systems (Excel)
  • File Emulators that mimic Traffic and Broadcast Automation output files (e.g. playlists, dublists, purgelists) directly from user input to an Excel application—the emulated files are transparent to Traffic and Broadcast Automation systems and are processed by those systems in the same way they process their own files (Excel)
  • Timing Calculators with and without built-in program formats for a wide variety of timing tasks including individual program, program blocks, network blocks, news blocks, join-in-progress, time to fill, total show time, total commercial time, etc (Excel—see Timecode Log under Software)
  • Workforce Scheduling spreadsheets with breakouts for weekly individual shift counts, total hours, OT hours, departmental weekly hours, weekly OT, etc (Excel)
  • Workflow Shift Analysis with user defined variables for workforce increase/decrease, broadcast hours per day, hours per shift, average time to complete shift tasks, etc and result breakouts for total shift hours per week, total broadcast hours per week, over- and under-coverage patterns, etc (Excel)
  • Promotion Episodic inventory database with new content item flags per workday and daily cherry pick batch purgelist and dublist output files (Excel)
  • Expense Report self-calculating forms (Excel)
  • Facility and Project budgeting and cost analysis spreadsheets including Competitive Bid Scoring Sheets with Category Weights, Notes, Total Scores, Category Win and Tie Counts, etc (Excel)
  • Production Work Order forms with user defined service categories, rates per hour, elapsed times per service, cost per service, total charges, etc (Excel)
  • Consumables Inventory database with built-in Purchase Order Generators (Excel)
  • Closed Captioning FCC Quarterly Compliance calculators with breakouts for Pre-Rule and New Programs, hours, days and percentages of programming, series analyzed counts, exempt hours, etc (Excel)
  • FCC Chief Operator Station/Transmitter Log Review database with week-by-week highlights, RMT/RWT tracking and missing event highlights, Operator accountability, etc (Excel)
  • Solar Alignment Outage calculators for Spring and Fall satellite feeds (Excel)
  • Batch Files to automate numerous repetitive and/or onerous tasks including file transfers, file copies, file synchronization, backup file creation, text string searches in existing files, application launch, workstation reconfiguration (e.g. activating a hot spare, reconfiguring broadcast automation initialization files for two or more traffic systems or two or more broadcast streams), etc (MS-DOS)
  • Operations Manuals covering the regulatory, procedural, technical and corporate subject matter involved in broadcast facilities (Word and Indexed PDF)
  • Website design (Expression Web)