Cost Analysis
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Cost Analysis—a component of our Conceptual Design services—is frequently requested as a stand alone option. A Cost Analysis project sets its focus on the dollar outlays associated with broad equipment categories necessary to achieve a desired end. Conceptual Design, by way of comparison, is far more intensive as to the makes and models of specific hardware within equipment categories. A Cost Analysis for a given project requires far less time to complete than does a Conceptual Design for same.

The two principal objectives of our Cost Analysis efforts are, first, to asses a proposed project’s technical feasibility and, second, to forecast its bottom line dollar impact. To do this, we review current state of the art system and equipment options relevant to the project, research cost per unit indices and provide a line item spreadsheet analysis—Sub and Grand Totaled—of each major component in the proposed undertaking. Often, optional solutions are presented to provide the end user with realistic alternative paths to the stated objective. If, at any point, a proposed project appears to fail during the review of its technical feasibility, the cost analysis is halted and the end user is notified of the finding so as to conserve everyone’s time and resources.

We are also asked to conduct Cost Analysis projects that do not necessarily involve hardware, bricks or mortar. Often personnel related, these assignments are carried out with the same thoroughness and detail as our hardware studies and always involve a heightened sensitivity befitting the workforce matters under scrutiny.

Some of the cost analysis projects we have undertaken involve:
  • Television Broadcast Automation system version and vendor upgrades
  • Field-Deployed television recording and editing packages
  • Closed Caption encoding, monitoring and compliance systems
  • Off-Air monitoring and compliance systems
  • Original and retrofit Audiovisual systems for business and higher education in both fixed and mobile venues
  • Teleconferencing systems and facilities
  • Workflow and Workforce efficiency analysis