Conceptual Design
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Conceptual Design is our most often requested service. Over the years we have been asked to undertake projects as small as highly efficient AV Carts that roll between rooms to as large as television Master Control facilities and their attendant video server arrays and earth station/catch server feed acquisition systems.

With larger projects (such as a Master Control facility) we do not eliminate the need for a Systems Integrator but, rather, compliment the SI’s efforts. Typically, our text-based design documents form the initial backbone upon which an SI will proceed when preparing CAD files of floor plans and elevations—albeit with the inevitable tweaks brought to the table by the SI and/or demanded by the project itself as it evolves over time.

We are often asked to provide the first rough draft conceptual design that will help determine project feasibility without incurring the higher hourly fees that accrue as a natural consequence of an SI’s higher overhead costs. And, during our initial communications, if we judge your project to be one that could or should proceed directly to an SI without our involvement, we will tell you of that decision upfront to conserve everyone’s time and resources.

Some of the conceptual design projects we have been commissioned to undertake:
  • Television Master Control facility with Broadcast Automation, Video Server arrays, Earth Station and Catch Server feed acquisition and scheduling systems
  • 300 Seat Auditorium retrofit with Audiovisual playback/record and Real Time Response (RTR) audience measurement systems
  • 45-Foot Triple Expanding mobile audience research vehicle with Audiovisual playback/record and RTR systems
  • 30 Seat Conference Room retrofit with Audiovisual playback/record and RTR audience measurement systems
  • Satellite Radio Studio/Control Room facility
  • Streaming Media Live Web-Conference Host Studio and Media Ingest facility
  • High Efficiency Multi-Format AV Carts