Ron and Equipment in Tegucigalpa Honduras
Ron Anderson surrounded by then high tech media hardware at his disposal during the Peace Corps years in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. To view one of his Peace Corps films and read background notes on its making, click here.
Established in the mid 1980’s, Ron Anderson Services was initially a between-times pursuit of its founder and namesake who, in those days, was a freelance writer, producer, director and editor looking to affix a business name on his burgeoning contract service efforts. Too engaged with other creative endeavors at the time to lavish much effort in the pursuit of a catchy trade name, practicality prevailed and Ron Anderson Services was born.

In the years since its founding, the enterprise has provided services to television ventures in the broadcast, cable and new media realms—said services ranging from the aforementioned writing, producing and directing to more recent projects involving facility design and cost analysis, broadcast automation systems and software authoring.

Prior to launching his services company, Ron Anderson spent time as a radio disc jockey, television producer-director-writer, Peace Corps Volunteer, film production company Vice President, audio-visual director for an international Olympic sports program, television production and operations manager and an advertising agency broadcast producer. Subsequent to the company’s founding, he has been a production and operations manager in the cable and broadcast television industries and authored a variety of software solutions targeting improved efficiency and accuracy in the handling of data and operational tasks.

During his career, Ron Anderson has received numerous national, regional and local awards for his creative pursuits from such organizations as the National Freedom Foundation, New York International Film & TV Festival, American Advertising Federation, Denver Advertising Federation and the Colorado Broadcaster’s Association.

A life long legacy from his Peace Corps experience, Anderson is fluent in Spanish.

He is a graduate of the University of Denver.